“Common Chemicals Threaten Male Fertility”

“Alarm Over Gender-Bender Chemical in Household Cleaning Products”

“Boy 12 Dies After Spraying Deodorant”

These are just some incidents reaching the news headlines lately. Genital abnormalities in baby boys have doubled over the last 20 years, and some boys are growing facial hair in primary school. Hormone related cancers in men are increasing and fertility rates are plummeting. With Movember upon us, it is timely to reflect on these dramatic changes, and to uncover some causes.

A documentary screened on SBS; “Men in Danger” noted that sperm production in humans has suffered a spectacular drop of 50% in 50 years. Over the same period, we have witnessed a dramatic rise in testicular cancer, abnormal genital development, early genital development, a decrease in the number of male babies and increased prostate conditions.

What is going on?


Gender Benders

There is increasing evidence to show that male reproductive abnormalities are linked to exposure to “gender-bending” chemicals. These chemicals are known as hormone or endocrine disruptors, or xeno-oestrogens which are found in plastic, carpet, fabric, make-up, perfume, cosmetics, and pesticides. Many of the most common household cleaning products contain potentially toxic chemicals. Many of these chemicals are solvents which can be easily absorbed through the skin, and inhaled into the lungs and brain. In addition, these solvents break down the skin and mucosal barriers, rendering our bodies more vulnerable. Over time, these toxins can build up in our system, increasing the risk of serious health issues.

Along with these ubiquitous chemicals, men are now following the female’s lead in liberally applying strongly scented deodorants, body sprays and hair products.


Meat and Dairy

Dr Jeff Holst of Australia’s Centenary Institute states that “diets high in red meat and dairy are correlated with prostate cancer, but no one really understands why.” While there may not be conclusive evidence for this correlation, we can certainly make a few educated guesses. Dr Carole Hungerford, author of “Good Health in the 21st Century” points out that environmental carcinogens are fat soluble, in other words, they are stored in the fat cells. So all the pesticides, antibiotics, veterinary drugs, herbicides, bovine growth promotants etc that our livestock are exposed to can be found in that animals milk and fat.


Alphabet Food

It has been estimated that the average person in the US eats 680kg of food a year, with 4kg of chemicals. This includes the so called accidental chemicals such as pesticides and packaging, plus the intentional additives such as colours, preservatives, flavours and stabilisers.


Soy Infant Formula

Some very reliable sources advise to avoid all soy products, especially soy infant formula. Sherrill Sellman cites research that connects soy formula with abnormal male sexual development at puberty, and quotes an expert who found that “babies fed exclusively on soy formula receive the oestrogenic equivalent of at least five birth control pills per day.” It is perplexing that other generally reliable sources find no evidence of harm in the research. I suggest using the precautionary principle – if in doubt, leave it out!



We know that excessive alcohol intake damages the liver. A poorly functioning liver has reduced ability to break down the xeno-oestrogens, which causes an excess of oestrogen in the bloodstream. Hence we have man-boobs, and an increase of a more feminine fat storage.



What can be done to protect future children from such abnormalities, and to help our husbands and children? Professor Richard Sharpe of the Medical Research Council suggests that a very important first step is for all pregnant women to minimise chemical exposure where they can. These suggestions show how easily we can take control of our home environment.

  • Use glass, stainless steel and ceramic vessels where possible for cooking and storing food and drink. The book “Slow Death by Rubber Duck” offers this mantra when puzzling over the recycling numbers on the bottom of plastic containers: “5, 4, 1 and 2; all the rest are bad for you.”
  • Only use plastic babies bottles that are designated Bisphenol A free or use glass ones. Avoid plastic teething rings and prevent babies from chewing on other plastic toys.
  • Detox and home: Replace all commercial household cleaning products with products that are free from any potentially harmful ingredients. Or use the good old bicarb and vinegar
  • Detox the bathroom: Replace all commercial personal care products such as anti-perspirant, body spray, shampoo, hair products and baby products with products that are free from any potentially harmful ingredients.
  • Detox the body: see me for more details.
  • Eat an organic diet where possible, especially organic animal products.
  • Eat a diet rich in protective fruits and vegetables.
  • Supplement with essential fatty acids, liver supporting herbs, lycopene and zinc.

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Now the whole family can look good and feel great, with peace of mind!

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