Healthy Weight

Wholistic Weight Loss

Regain your confidence and energy with a wholistic weight loss solution that fits your lifestyle.

The only diet that works is the one you can stick to. With this in mind, we look at your whole body and lifestyle, and together select a program that you can maintain for life. With one on one consulting in person, or via phone or zoom, you are supported throughout your program and beyond.

Kings Mountain Detox also offers customised eating plans for disease prevention, children’s health, healthy lifestyle consulting, detoxing the body and the home… In short, everything you need to look good, eat well, feel great and live well!

Our most popular program is the very successful hCG protocol, described below. We also have success with fasting,  ketogenic or elimination diets, or can customise a program just for you.


HCG Detox and Fat Release Program

Release up to 10kg in 21 days!

Rid your body of toxic chemicals & the muffin top!

What is the Detox and Fat Release Program?

This is a unique weight loss program that releases stored toxic fat through:

  • The use of a specially prepared bio-energetic homeopathic drops;
  • A low calorie diet;
  • Eliminating all toxins from your home and body, as far as is practical.


How does it work?

Along with a detoxification program, nutritional support and living a healthy lifestyle it is possible to release the hard to get rid of or resistant fat. When the weight management drops are combined with a low calorie diet, the resistant or abnormal fat that accumulates in areas like the thighs, abdomen and hips is released. This long term stored fat is accessed and utilized as energy for the body.


Who should do the program?

This program is ideal for anyone who has tried dieting, or going to the gym, and just can’t shift those kilos.


What makes this program different?

Research has shown that the root cause of weight gain is impairment of the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that controls body temperature, sleep, thirst, metabolism and hunger. It’s the control centre that tells our body when to stop eating, and when to burn fat. When the hypothalamus is not functioning properly, we get cravings. And rather than burn fat, the body starts storing fat. These oestrogenic fat cells then secrete chemicals that create more fat cells!

The weight management drops and low calorie diet used in this program help repair the hypothalamus, instructing it to release the stored toxic fat, while maintaining the structural fat.


So what is causing this disruption to the hypothalamus?

  • stress
  • electromagnetc radiation – eg mobile phones
  • toxins in our food and medications – eg food additives, hormones, antibiotics
  • toxins in our environment – eg petrochemicals in our skin care and household cleaning products

The simple whole foods diet in this program  eliminates the toxins from the food chain, especially when you follow our suggestion of going organic. We encourage you to take the next step and eliminate toxins from the home environment also.


Are you ready to

  • commit to a 23 day strict protocol, with a further 23 days of healthy eating (but don’t worry, most people don’t feel hungry)
  • switch to personal care products that are free from any fats, oil or toxic ingredients
  • regular weigh-ins to help keep you on track
  • adopt simple strategies to help maintain your weight loss for life

Look good and feel absolutely fantastic?!


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