Healthy Living

It’s not a diet – it’s a way of life! Why not start with just one of these simple changes today. Then introduce another change next week. Within a few months, you and your family will be looking good, and feeling great!

  • Eat a fresh salad with a meal today
  • Eat fresh fruit instead of shop bought fruit juice
  • Drink an invigorating herbal tea instead of soft drink
  • Invest in a good quality juicer. Use it!
  • Start sprouting
  • Plant a veggie patch or herb garden
  • Optimise your health with quality mega healthy supplements
  • Bake sweet treats once a week, instead of shop bought
  • Eat a main meal without meat
  • Drink 2+ litres of water daily
  • Buy organic dairy products
  • Buy organic, free range eggs, or raise your own backyard chooks
  • Buy organic meat
  • Go totally organic!
  • Switch to safe personal care and cleaning products
  • Exercise today

From “It’s All Good: Your no stress guide to mega health”

Copyright Lynn Preece 2013