Healthy Eating

It’s All Good!

Healthy recipes
Our health is in our own hands. For some, it is great news to know that we are actually in the driver’s seat. We simply need to put in the right fuel and we can expect to be running smoothly for many years to come. However, health will not manifest without action on our part. Our aim is to equip you, so that you can put yourself in the driver’s seat with confidence.

Research by agencies such as WHO have found that a diet high in fruits and vegetables may have a protective effect, guarding our body from chronic diseases such as obesity, cancer, arthritis and diabetes. And there are certainly many people who’ve found that illnesses have been not only prevented, but reversed through diet.

If you keep doing exactly what you’re doing now, and just increase the amount of fresh, raw vegetables in your diet, you’ll be healthier. And if you introduce a lot of the simple changes suggested in this website and in our book, you’ll be a lot healthier. Yep, that’s it. Regardless of where you are with your food choices right now, increasing the amount of fresh, raw vegetables will improve your health. Of course you can take it a few steps beyond that, such as baking your biscuits from scratch, trying a few vegetarian meals, or experimenting with nourishing whole grains. That is our purpose – to help take you from where you are, step by step, to ever increasing health and vitality.

So the choice is yours – to eat your way to hospital, or to eat your way to greater health and vitality. I invite you to join me, and eat to your very good health!

It’s all good!