Is My Make-Up Making Me Fat?

Is my make-up making me fat?

We all know the disturbing statistics. Today, more than 60% of Australians are obese or overweight, with one quarter of our children now overweight. But did you know that only a short 50 years ago, there were no statistics on obesity as it just wasn’t an issue? What has happened?

I once thought weight gain was simply a matter of energy in, energy out, and an unhealthy diet is certainly a major factor in weight gain. However, how many of us eat well, exercise, but still can’t shift those kilos? Perhaps weight management is not just a simple mathematical equation. Poor sleeping habits, poor gut bacteria and food sensitivities are just some factors linked to weight gain. In recent research a new suspect has been revealed – Obesogens.


What are Obesogens?

Obesogens are foreign chemical compounds that disrupt our endocrine system, altering our metabolism and predisposing us to gain weight.  They disrupt the hormones for appetite and satiety, and affect the size and number of fat cells. These fat cells function as an endocrine organ, releasing chemicals that lead to inflammation and insulin resistance. They secrete an enzyme that makes a form of oestrogen called estrone, and estrone creates more fat cells! A key concern is that obesogens disrupt the hypothalamus which is involved in thyroid function, metabolism, hunger, thirst and satiety.  If this is out of whack, we may find we eat more without feeling satisfied, and fat may be stored rather than burned.

So where do these nasty chemicals come from and how can we avoid them? Unfortunately, endocrine disruptors are everywhere – in plastics, some pharmaceuticals, cleaning products and perfumes. They are in the food chain (pesticides, msg), and in our personal care products. Did you know that 60% of what goes on the skin is absorbed? Just consider the number of different products we put on our skin each day. For me, that means cleanser, toner, moisturiser, concealer, foundation, hand wash, body wash… the list goes on. It all adds up to a staggering 515 chemicals that our fat cells and organs are potentially storing every single day.


4 Ways to Reduce Obesogens at Home

The great news is that it is so simple to reduce exposure to obesogens, and to rid the body of these stored fat making chemicals.

  1. Detox the bathroom: Use personal care and beauty products that are free from any harmful ingredients
  2. Detox the sink: Replace all commercial household cleaning products with safe alternatives
  3. Detox the pantry: Cook from scratch, eating organic where possible
  4. Detox your body: Book in for a holistic weight loss program to rid the body of toxic fat, increase your energy and restore your confidence.


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