Toxins in the Food Chain

The Food Chain

Commercial meat Hormones in beef have serious oestrogenic and carcinogenic effects.Commercial dairy products It takes 10kgs of milk to make 1kg of cheese, so over time we consume a lot of milk concentrated into the cheese. Cow’s milk contains oestrogen, progesterone, and bovine growth hormone. BGH is implicated with breast cancer. The risk is greater for infants and children who traditionally drink a lot of milk.

Pthalates A family of chemicals used as a plasticiser. Used in plastic food wraps, air fresherners and personal care products.

Bisphenol-A Carcinogenic chemical. Lines 85% of all metal cans. Often leaches into the canned foods. Also found in some plastic containers and bottles.




Trans fats/Hydrogenated oil

While these environmental oestrogen mimics are speeding up the sexual development of girls, in boys it is another story. Anti-androgenic chemicals seem to be slowing down sexual development of boys. Infertility has become rampant for both girls and boys.


If reducing your risk of breast cancer is not enough to prompt changes, how about reducing the risk of obesity? Obesity is now occurring in developing countries, in our pets, and in 2 year old children. The almost universal nature of the epidemic suggests an environmental cause. There is now convincing evidence that chemical “obesogens” alter metabolism and predispose people to gain weight. Most of these obesogens are also hormone disruptors, such as the phthalates, plasticisers, fragrances, laundry products and personal care products discussed above.4


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