A Moment on the Lips, a Lifetime on the Hips!

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I’m talking lipstick! Before you apply that luscious, kissable lipstick, take a moment to consider the ingredients. After all, you are eating it!

What about your face cream or the sunscreen you diligently apply to your children? Hair spray, aftershave… most personal care products contain questionable ingredients, in fact “more than 125 ingredients used in cosmetics are suspected of causing cancer and birth defects.”

Then there’s all the cleaning products, air fresheners, plastics… In our quest to look younger, smell nicer and keep our home hygienically, sparklingly clean, we are actually killing ourselves and potentially rendering our children infertile. The oestrogen mimicking chemicals in these products seriously interfere with our hormones and are stored in our fat cells, creating the muffin top, love handles and man boobs. Even more alarmingly, these chemicals are also stored in breast milk.

Luckily, if you’re following the suggestions in this book, you’ve already reduced many of the toxins from the food chain. Read on to learn how to tackle the hidden dangers in the rest of the house.

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